Long awaited update

I haven't updated jekyll for a while, and I haven't posted since June.

I'm going to be speaking at Confoo in Vancouver next week. I have two talks, one of which is on WebVR and the other talk is about the PhoneGap IntelliJ/Android Studio plugin that my co-worker Anis Kadri worked on, and how to embed CordovaWebViews inside a native application. It's been a couple of years since my last talk at PhoneGap Day 2014 in San Francisco, and it's good to get back out and speaking

As for what happened over the last few months, here's what happened to me:

  • Epic Camping Trip in Oregon
  • Built two racing quadcopters
  • Starting to do work with Unity and getting back into 3D Modelling
  • Experimenting/Working with more GIS data
  • Slowly getting back into the ATIP stuff
  • Told the Committee on Public Safety and National Security about the Stingray device

The last one is tricky. I never was awesome at 3D modelling, but I did OK with 3D Studio Max. The problem is that all the good 3D modelling software that's easy to learn is expensive, and everything else is just kinda awful. I recently played around with taking CDEM data and turning it into something that I can render in Unity and in A-Frame, and that kinda worked, although texture mapping and mesh editing are desperately needed.

I don't know if I will change the blog, and how I'm going to migrate to a new version of jekyll. This template is woefully inadequate, and a lot of the old Wordpress posts are all mangled. That beign said, creating static sites is working pretty well as far as migrating across different hosts, and I don't have the time to maintain servers like I used to. I'm going to try and write more.