Introducing VHS

Recently, I've been talking about VHS. VHS is an acronym, which now stands for Vancouver Hacker Space.

The Vancouver Hacker Space is a project that I've been working on for a while. It was started with the people at The Vault, which was in the BC Electric Building. However, we didn't quite have critical mass, since people were still uber-psyched about FreeTheNet (note: VONIC is still around, I'm just taking a break from it). However, after I went to The Last HOPE in NYC and met up with the people at NYC Resistor and HacDC, among other Hackerspaces, I decided that Vancouver really needs a hackerspace.

Now, Hackerspaces aren't anything new, in fact Germany has had them for years. In fact, Andre has been to c-base, which is one of the older Hackerspaces in Germany that double as a nightclub. The hackerspaces are all over Germany and they are run by the CCC, who are a damn cool group, with a really interesting history.

Anyway, this is interesting because there will finally be a place where people can collaborate and see different hack projects. For example, I had a multitouch interface that worked, but the problem was getting it out of the apartment to Nitobi Hack Days. With the new hackspace, interested hackers can go check out the thing in action, and the public can see it. (And as much as I like people, I don't want them coming into my apartment randomly). We'll also be working on Arduino hacking, and Robots, and LED Throwies and all sorts of other cool stuff.

The first public meeting is tonight at the hackerspace. The meeting will be at 6:30 PM. If you're interested in getting more info, please let me know.