This isn't directly work related, but this is the coolest thing I ever made!!!!

I just finished hacking a bunch of Infrared LED lights, and here is a picture of the results:

My FTIR Table

So, this is a picture of my hand. This picture was taken by an off the shelf webcam that I modified to only pick up IR light. My hand is touching a piece of acrylic which has LEDs lighting the edges of it. When my hand touches the Acrylic, this causes the tips of my hand and the heel of my palm to form white blobs which can then be tracked by software. This is called FTIR. I now have a multi-touch interface, similar to the Microsoft Surface sitting at my home. The best part about it is that it's cost me less than $400 to make. This touch screen is very similar to what Jeff Han is doing at his company, Perceptive Pixel.

This is mentioned on this blog because I think this changes everything. This is evident because of the upcoming release of the iPhone, which is also multi-touch. I think with devices like the table that I built (using instructions from, Microsoft Surface and the iPhone, onclick may become antiquated. Of course someone already made something for Flash, so I guess that means that Adobe is already prepared for this, but what about the rest of us??

It's definitely food for thought. I'll be posting updates about the table to this blog, so stay tuned!