Hybrid Development with PhoneGap/Cordova

Joe Bowser - jbowser@adobe.com

What is Hybrid Development?

Hybrid Development

Leveraging Web Technologies in Native Applications

What is Apache Cordova?

Build apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Adobe PhoneGap

Free and Open Source since 2008


Reasons to go hybrid:

  • Update content that changes without rebuilding the wheel
  • Allow for seamless integration between Web and Native

Classic Hybrid Examples

  • Every Cordova Application
  • Untappd
  • Basecamp (although it doesn't use Cordova)
  • The ToS in every application/game

Web Front, Native Back

OK, Yeah.

Cordova as a Library/View

  • No CLI
  • No special project structure
  • Plays by the platform rules (more or less)


  • Cordova has always been about the webview
  • Ecosystem is driven by the community
  • Law of the Instrument


Steps (on Android):

  • Create Android Studio Project
  • Import Cordova Library
  • Write wrapper code
  • Install Plugins

Introducing PhoneGap IntelliJ Plugin

About the plugin

  • Installs PhoneGap as a JAR (AAR soon)
  • Sets up project to use plugman to install plugins
  • Creates a way to make an Android Studio project use Cordova



  • Android Studio/IntelliJ Plugin Published to JetBrains
  • Cordova Plugins will move to Android Libraries/AARs
  • More Android Studio and XCode compatibility
  • iOS XCode workflow is being worked on now

Thank You