Drones - What I'm slowly getting into

I've been somewhat busy the last three months. I decided that I wanted to get a drone before the regulation got insane, so I bought a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, and after three months of flying it, I crashed it into a tree and bent the gimbal. After talking to the repair guy, who gave me a rough estimate of the repair, I'm going to consider the first experiment into drones a failure, and get a new drone. I am not confident in my flying ability to build my own drone and fly it yet (I like AirBrakes), and after trying out the 3DR Solo Simulator, I decided to stick with DJI despite the bugginess. I will probably build a drone as well as buy one, but that will be later this year.

Now, what I DID make is, which is a rough guide to where you can't fly your drone. This takes the data from and the GoC Geogratis map for the National Parks of Canada and highlights them red so that you know not to fly there. I'm going to add more features to this, since I'm using this site and application to figure out where I can and can't fly.

Hopefully, I'm back up in the air soon, but here's a couple videos of me flying.