Trail a Week - Jug Island

I made a new year's resolution to hike a day trail a week, so that I gain experience and stamina for those longer hikes in the backcountry, assuming that I get a chance to do overnight hiking this year. I decided to start the year with a trip to Jug Island in Belcarra. It's relatively close to my house, and it's a moderate trail. I managed to get it done in 1hr 30 minutes according to MyTracks. I did stop and take a bunch of 360 photos along the way, but most of them turned out badly. The ones that did work out well were the ones where I put the 360 camera on a wooden post.

Because I'm lazy, and because I have 360 photos involved, you can find the Google Photos album here

It'll be interesting to see how long I can keep up the hike-a-week thing, and whether work will end up getting in the way. I'm going to be uploading the good 360 photos that I took to Google StreetView, but I'm interested in some better solutions to the Giant Hand/Giant Tripod problem that I'm running into when I use the Ricoh Theta S. I'm finding that I want something more high-res already, but I feel that I need to use this camera more and get used to doing photos and video with it before spending money on much pricier equipment.