2016 - Time for Adventure

I haven't written anything here in quite a while. Here it goes!

I'm going to be doing two new things this year:

  1. Try to hike one trail a week - This will probably be uneven. I already failed this week to hike a trail, but I will probably start next weekend.
  2. Get into 360 degree photography/videography - I've been playing with Google Cardboard, and so far I find the 360 video and photo stuff far more interesting than yet another VR landscape that people seem to be intent on showing me. I'll talk about that more at length
  3. Go on more camping trips - This is something that happens EVERY year.
  4. Start playing with Drones - This was another thing that I wanted to do last year, but didn't have the money for
  5. Buy a 3D Printer - Again, something that I'm lagging behind on

I'm sure there's others, but that's the basic list of it. I'll probably go more indepth of what exactly I'm doing but for now, I'm just going to put this out there.