VONIC Exists! VONIC at Open Web Vancouver

It finally exists. After months of blood, sweat and tears of the FreeTheNet volunteers, we are now a society and we are ready to rock with our new routers configured with our new firmware. We plan on being able to have the new Open-Mesh/DogOnRails routers ready for people to buy at the conference. This is pretty much what we've been waiting to get done for months, since this allows us to own things collectively, like network connections, and it allows us to pool our resources.

I'll have info up soon for how to buy a Co-Op membership, and what the pricing scales are like for Personal, Not-For-Proft & Co-Ops and Businesses. I'm seriously thinking that we can beat the naysayers and further establish ourselves as truly doing something different. We have to iron out some bugs in DogOnRails and style the app, but we're going to be ready to rock on Monday.