OpenWebVancouver schedule is up

The OpenWebVancouver schedule is up, and I'm the first person giving a presentation in Room 2 after the Keynote by Tim Bray on Monday. That's pretty exciting. The presentation is going to be on Embedded Devices that talk to web applictions. I'm going to talk about FreeTheNet, but I'm also wanting to talk about other devices as well. I know that there's plants that twitter, and other home automation, but if you can give an example of a Web 2.0 Dashboard (that means DOES NOT require a refresh for updates, uses a web service, and generally looks slick, please let me know). I'd prefer OpenWRT or Arduino based stuff, but anything that is embedded linux based would be good.

In other news, the Vancouver Open Network Initiatives Cooperative, the people who brought you FreeTheNet, are coming out with SuperMesh!!!! I'll be giving more info on that as it develops.

Update: I'm no longer the first person in Room 2. You should STILL go to OpenWebVan and check it out!