Website Migration and Slides

Due to issues with my old hosting provider, I decided to consolidate my hosting and move off of Dreamhost to this new blog. I also decided to move from Wordpress to Jekyll, and remove commenting, since way too many unanswered technical questions would wind up in by blog comments.

I recently attended the OpenWest Conference in Utah. The slides from this talk will be added to the "Speaking" section shortly. I will also try to find my 2012 slides for both the Big Android BBQ as well as my 2012 OSCON slides. Fortunately, my 2013 OSCON slides are still accessible, since I hosted them with

I'll also be speaking at OSCON 2014 this year. I'll be on a panel about Open Source and Mobile, as well as giving a talk on Cordova: Past, Present and Future, which will be an updated version of the talk at OpenWest. I may also try to submit an Ignite talk, but I'm not 100% certain on what yet.

I'm also going to post rants on Ant vs Gradle and what that means for the Android parts of Cordova, as well as other dev things here really soon. I'm really glad to get this back up and going, since the non-functioning domain pointing to an Ubuntu Apache page was frustrating as hell.