Another Blog? Nifty!

Hello, all readers of this blog at the bottom of the screen.  My name is Joe (as indicated by the name of the blog), and this is my Nitobi blog, not to be confused with other, older, misguided blogs that I have had in the days of my youth.  (Or was that less than 2 years, ago. Does that count as "my youth"?)

Anyway, with this blog, I will focus mostly on stuff that comes in that is cool.  The e-mails of the innocent (and sometimes the guilty, if mentioned) will be protected mostly out of making sure that I don't accidentally end up causing them to get spam.  This will mostly feature posts relating to what problems you may find out in the wild writing your web application, whether that may be in ASP.NET, Java, PHP, CFM, Ruby, etc.  I may also point out public apps that use our components, so if you want to show off your stuff, contact me and I will probably blog about it.

I feel that this wraps up this first post.