Don't Fly Here Updates and Blog Updates

After a few months of working on various things, I find myself going back and working on, especially after the Industry Canada announcement of the NoDroneZone campaign. There is the fact that there's very few actual laws and regulations that govern drones, and that there is actually no such thing as a NoDroneZone according to David T.S. Fraser, who is a Privacy Lawyer and UAV enthusiast. However, since I fly a lot for work, I would really like not dying because someone was an asshole with their Phantom, and I really would like it clear that not knowing is not a valid excuse.

So, I added the following features:

I would love to add other provinces wildfire data, but so far no other province provides data that's worth adding, nor do they add it on a daily basis like BC does as far as I know, even though I only checked Alberta and Saskatchewan so far. The open data thing is basically what is built on.

As for this blog, it seems that jekyll has a sort of a halflife, so I will be looking at replacing it, and adding a blog to soon which will cover drone regulations, flying and other things that are happening with flying in the backcountry. There may be an emphasis on DIY drones and racing drones because DJI and 3DR don't seem to have cases where you can put a goddamn water bladder into. I don't think there's many people hiking on trails yet with these things.