Cordova Android 4.0.0 released

Eight months ago, I demonstrated the power of using a WebView at OSCON 2014, and Today I can say that we're finally releasing the ability to use Third Party WebViews such as Crosswalk and MozillaView. This means that if you decide that you don't like the default WebView on Android, whether it be the frankenchrome, or the current modular Chromium-based WebView, you can switch it out for something else. The only one that is really ready for production right now is Crosswalk, but I'm hoping that others will release their own WebViews over time, and that we can hopefully see this become a regular thing that developers do when they need that certain HTML feature that's not working correctly, or is just plain missing from the browser.

Future Work

After concentrating on the core platform for a year, there will probably be more work revolving around the most popular plugins that are used. Some of the stuff I'll be working on will be Cordova, but I'll also be working on stuff for Adobe, as well as personal projects that aren't related to Cordova that I'll probably write about here.