Android 4.4.3 and Chromium 33

Android 4.4.3 is rolling out to the stock devices, as well as to the Moto X/G/E phones, and it comes with Chromium 33, instead of the earlier Chrome 30. This is a good thing, since there are many fixes. While it's extremely disappointing that Google hasn't at least partially decoupled Chromium from the Android update process and made it work more like Google Play Services, it's good to see yet another WebView be available.

So far from what I see, the main change is that the File Input field has been fixed. It doesn't fully work in Cordova yet, but I'm hoping that we can get this to work properly soon. Since 4.4.3 is a minor update, I'm also hoping for more adoption than a major version, but it's entirely possible that both CR-30 and CR-33 will be living out in the wild for a long time, which makes Third Party WebViews even more relevant.