Confoo Talks Published

As I said earlier, the slides have been pushed to GitHub, and can be found on the Speaking page. I will be speaking at Confoo today and tomorrow. Once again, the slides can be found via the links below.

In addition to this, I published three of the demos that I worked on with A-Frame. These are very simple demos, except for the model fail, where I attempted to use data from GeoGratis to create a 3D landscape. I converted CDED data that starts out as GeoTIFF into STL data using the DEMto3D plugin. Once I did that, I then go and simplify the mesh using Photoshop, export that to a COLLADA file, then open that up in Blender, add a material, and then use that material in the scene. I combine a plane to try to simulate Water, but that doesn't necessarily render as well as I would like across all browsers.

I'm using my Ricoh Theta S to shoot all 360 footage, and I wish I could find a reliable way to mount it to a drone. Unfortunately, that didn't really work out when I tried.