Android 1.5 and Database Storage

OK, so as many of you know, I'm in Canada. In Canada, we have some pretty nasty providers. Honestly, choosing between Bell, Telus or Rogers is like choosing which limb you want to saw off. So, because I can't wait anymore, I've decided to start work on SQLite Storage on Android 1.5. This will hopefully emulate the HTML5 storage, but I haven't really tried it out too much yet. However, I found some weirdness with the databases.

Databases in Android have to be stored in the /data/data/ /databases/ directory if they are accessed by an Android app. This is ever-so-slightly different from the /data/data/ /app_databases/ directory that Android 2.0 needs to support HTML 5 proper databases. I'm hoping that by exposing this and adding it in the conditional logic, that I can hack in the appearance of HTML 5 storage on Android 1.5 and Android 1.6. However, here's a code fragment that comes in very handy:

Package pack = this.getClass().getPackage();
String appPackage = pack.getName();
path = "/data/data/" + appPackage + "/databases/";

This is particularly handy when dealing with Databases in General, since you may want to take your code and throw the thing in a JAR so that you can deploy numerous apps easily. Of course, making a JAR for Android Development is a simple, but completely undocumented process. I'll post about that later.

But the fact that this feature will be necessary because of the maintenance of the 1.x Android tree is depressing. I really wish that tricks like Java Reflection, and multiple APIs for multiple versions weren't required, but at least we managed to hack around the annoying fragmentation for the time being.