What else is new in Cordova Android 2.4.0

Normally, Simon Macdonald, who also works on Apache Cordova, writes a blog post listing the new features that landed. However, there's a feature that should be added to that post that I'll explain below.

Additional Preferences in config.xml:

Certain features, such as the splashscreen, the error URL and timeouts in the past were undocumented, and would have to be added to the activity at the beginning of the class before we load the URL in the Java file, like this:

super.setIntegerProperty("splashscreen", R.drawable.splash);

Since the whole point of Cordova is so that you don't have to write Java, and to promote web standards, we added these preferences to the config.xml, which should look like this:

<preference name="splashscreen" value="splash" />

The new project settings in config.xml can be found here.