What's new for Cordova 2.6.0 on Android

This the first time that I've done the "What's new with Cordova" blog post. This release was mostly a bug fixing release, but we did manage to resolve many issues that were long standing with the Camera. This is mostly based on the GitHub changelog:

  • CB-1700: EXIF information is now preserved on images taken from the Camera and the Gallery
  • CB-1796: captureImage now can save a copy of the photo to the gallery
  • CB-2305: InAppBrowser now has an API for executing scripts and inserting CSS
  • CB-1933: Changed button labels to an array for notifications!
  • New Native to JS bridge for Binary Strings!

Also, this is the last release that will be supporting Android 2.1 and the Honeycomb releases. Cordova may still work with these versions of Android, but we will be closing all issues related to Android 2.1 and Android 3.x as "Won't Fix". We have first announced this change six months ago, and this shouldn't affect most users since is currently only 1.8% of all Android devices currently in the wild. We are currently discussing deprecating Froyo as well, since it is only 4% of all Android devices, but any future changes to support will be discussed on the Apache Cordova developer list, and will be subject to our deprecation policy.