Rogers Revolution Released

Rogers just released the Android Phone in Canada. The phone is a special version that works on Rogers 850/1900 MHz frequencies, but other than that it looks like the other phones.

Early Adopters get burnt until Gloabalive comes out with their new Android Phones, which are rumoured to be on the AWS spectrum that T-Mobile uses. It's rather frustrating, since Edge consumes more battery than any other connectivity method, and is the slowest of the three.

However, this means that the Android Market should be opening up to Canadians, and more people should be able to buy, and use open phones. It's interesting, since Rogers is even advertising it as Open in their marketing. The question of how open Rogers is going to let the phone be will be the issue as people try to get root on their devices.

But today, Wireless in Canada still got more interesting. Too bad the phone comes with a weak plan, making Wireless Pricing in Canada still suck.