Android in Vancouver?

In my spare time around here, I've been working on the Android version of PhoneGap, partly to help make the vision of a write once run anywhere javascript framework happen. However, since I'm also a hardware hacker, I've been messing with the Android Internals, and doing other geeky stuff with the device.

It seems that more and more I hear about other Vancouverites running Android phones, which is interesting. It should be noted that the ADP phones will never get 3G in Canada from the big three providers, since they are using a totally different 3G technology, so if you are a person in Vancouver with an Android, you are probably a developer, and you are probably interested in hacking it.

If I'm right, and assuming that there's at least 10 people who own this device in the entire Vancouver area (including the 4 people at Nitobi, and Tim Bray), I'm wondering if there'd be any interest in yet another meetup, camp or get together, even if it is just a bunch of geeks with laptops and beer, it should be fun.

Any thoughts?