Introducing Cordova 3.0.0 for Android

Once again, it's time for another release of Cordova, this time Cordova 3.0.0.  This is a major update and a major departure from the previous release in that there is only a single built-in plugin, the App plugin, which deals with Android-specific methods such as allowing the user to override the back button and clear the cache.  All the other plugins are now broken out into their own repositories.   More details can be found here.

In addition, the workflow has changed for producing an application.  Instead of downloading the applications, Cordova can now be downloaded using the Node Package Manager (npm).  This is an optional change, since many users who have existing projects, and existing Java code may choose to not use this system.  We're also using other tools, such as plugman, to help with this task.

To take an existing Cordova-Android project to 3.0.0, you can run the update script to replace the JAR and the Javascript file, but then you also have to install the existing plugins that you may be using, such as geolocation.  Information for plugman can be found here.  This does require checking out the plugins, and this may be extra work, but it does offer the benefit of not having to ship a bunch of extra APIs with your app that you're not using, such as Device info or Accelerometer.

If you're not keen on upgrading to 3.0.0, we still are supporting and backporting fixes to 2.9.0.  However, we feel that the ability to control which APIs that you ship with your application is a worthy enough change that you'll want to upgrade to this new version.