What's new for Cordova 2.8.0 on Android

As we're ramping up to the 3.0.0 release of Cordova, there haven't been massive sweeping changes on Cordova, but mostly minor ones. The major change is now that cordova.js no longer has a version, which should make upgrading the js easier. Here's some more things that are new:

  • config.xml is now much noisier when you use the old tag
  • CordovaActivity is replacing DroidGap. This is actually a minor renaming, but we do plan on getting rid of the empty DroidGap class post-3.0 and this will break things. This is done to further discourage people from putting all the code in DroidGap and to give Android Developers a better idea of what DroidGap actually is.
  • 9-patch Splashscreens once again work on Android

Again, this is a relatively uneventful release, AFAIK. One thing that we didn't do well was announce the updates to the Plugin API. These were updated earlier in the year, and should have been announced, however I'm having a difficult time finding the announcement. What I do recommend people do is check out Simon's "Why don't my plugins work in PhoneGap?" post. We're getting better announcing what we are deprecating, but occasionally things like this happen, which I apologize for.