Conference Season

It's May, and that means it's the start of Conference season. I'm going to be speaking at OSCON this year, and this will be my third year officially speaking at OSCON, which is cool. I'll also be attending the following events this year:

  • Google IO: May 15 to 17th - I'll be hanging out nearby the Android Office Hours and checking out the Glass Sessions.
  • SF MakerFaire 2013: May 18th and 19th - I'll be attending this and wandering around on Saturday only. After the direction that O'Reilly took last year with having large corporations get more floor space than people like AdaFruit and SparkFun, I'm not going to stay for both days.
  • JSConf 2013: May 29th to 31st - I'll be attending this conference for the first time. I've heard that this conference is good, but I've never been able to attend until this year
  • PhoneGap Day 2013: July 19, 2013 - PhoneGap 3.0. I'll be here.

There's probably other events that I'll be attending, but here are the next few coming up. It should be fun times!