Resurrecting the old blog

This blog was created initially because I was told at Nitobi that the old Nitobi work blog had to be moved to another host. I had this old hosting account that I wasn't using so I decided to park the blog here. However, as I progressed with my more serious writing projects at and, which deal with the Canadian surveillance state, a quirky and underestimated system, I didn't have a place to write about hardware hacks, annoyances with bug tracking systems, or actually anything that didn't fall into the category of how the state is going to get you, so I'm bringing this back up.

This blog will talk about Arduino, Android, Javascript, and other things that are interesting. It'll be full of rants about technology, parenting and other crap that interests me outside of the big scary surveillance state, because I'm getting tired of blogging about the depressing surveillance state, and I need to write about something else for a bit, or at least document some hacks better.

Also, I cleared out the spam. This was just getting downright nasty!