Ada Lovelace Day Post

Last year at this time, I did a post about Ada Lovelace Day, and once again I'm back at it, doing another post, this one is going to be pretty short. This year, I wasn't sure why I was going to write a blog post about, so I figure that this time, I'll just write about my 2nd Year Computer Architecture Professor, Desa.

Desanka Polajnar was probably the first CS professor that actually made people worry about failing a Computer Science course when I was up at UNBC ten years ago. People for some reason couldn't quite understand how boolean logic worked, and why K-Maps were a good idea. In fact, many people didn't even realize why it was relevant to learn Assembly Programming at all, and many people consider knowing the internals of a processor a waste of time. I remember hating the first CPSC 230 class, because it was hard, and because it seemed to have absolutely no bearing, or connection to what I'd be doing now. I also remember thinking that MIPS and ARM assembly was useless because you know, everything runs on an x86.

Also, it was in her class that I got introduced to Hardware, which has turned into a pretty awesome hobby. It's strange, since to this day, I haven't met too many people that even know what a PDP-8 even is, let alone actually implement it with microcontrollers and TTL logic. Thanks to Desa, I can say that I actually have done that, and I think that's pretty awesome. I definitely appreciate the time I spent in her classes, even if I didn't seem like it back in the 90s, when I was actually in them.