Not all webkits are equal, stories of reading code

Recently, there's been concern over the state of WebKit on Android. If anyone has ever used the WebView, people realize that it doesn't have gears. However, once you look at the source code of the Browser in Google Android (You can actually do this), you realize very quickly that it's not an issue with the browser, it's an issue with the Shared Library not being loaded.

Now, currently I don't know if the current SDK would support the NDK-style JNI required for PhoneGap to do this, but it should be coming in Donut. However, I want to know when HTML 5 is coming to Android. If you take this page and try to run it on the Android browser, it will fail, but it should work on the iPhone, Safari and it works on my version of Midori that I'm running on Ubuntu.

I don't have a copy of the source code to the Palm Pre, although I hope that one day in the future I can see their version of WebKit and see how they managed to get HTML 5 on the phone. I hope that Google follows suit and gets proper HTML 5 support on their browser instead of using gears in a shared library linked in the Browser APK. This is important since Gears is not HTML 5. I honestly enjoy going through the Android Source Code for the most part and seeing how the Java fits with the rest of the embedded system. It'd be great if I could do this with the Pre as well.