Released: Open Web Vancouver 2009 Schedule for Android

I'm going to be speaking at the Open Web Vancouver 2009 conference, and after visiting Google IO and seeing their app, I decided that I would try out something similar with PhoneGap. Now, the purpose of PhoneGap is to produce applications that work like Native Applications fast. This means that the app has to not have the tell-tale signs that it's running in the browser, and be just as fast, if not faster than it's Browser-based counterpart. It also should have access to everything the HTML5 Spec has access to.

Since a schedule doesn't need Geolocation, or Accelerometer, I decided to make this a static app for the most part. The reason I did that, was because I don't know whether the Wifi this year will be stable enough in the Conf. Center, or the Waterfront Center Food Court, and I didn't want to take the chance on it.

I made an ugly prototype in a couple of hours on Monday, and polished it up using xui. I then took it to Yohei to make look hot. Yohei does a lot of iPhone Dev, but hasn't done any Android dev as of yet. The results are pretty awesome. You can download the application on the Google Android market now, which is pretty good as far as getting your app out to devices. While the search is rather poor (WTF Google!!!), it's pretty cool. You can also download it onto your phone here, or by scanning the QR Code below: