Samsung Android Phone, big news, but not for Canada

The news on the Android blogs is that the Samsung Phone is going to be coming out. This is pretty huge news, since this is the first non-HTC Android Phone. For those people who don't like HTC phones, this sounds like an awesome phone to get for your Android needs.

However, here's the problem. It's built for the T-Mobile network, and the T-Mobile network is incompatible with other North American networks, and as such, will not work in Canada. That means that if you own the new Samsung Android Phone, you will be stuck with the EDGE network, and it also means that once again Canadian Developers pretty much are stuck with the Blackberry and the iPhone.

The issue is simple, Wireless in Canada still sucks. We had a spectrum auction not too long ago, and because the big three own the towers, the new entrants are having a hard time entering the market. This in some cases keeps obsolete technologies prominent, and makes it so that being barely competent at running infrastructure can give you a competitive advantage over the entire smart phone market.

I was really hopeful that the Samsung phone would be a phone that works on the 1900 Mhz 3G network that Rogers currently offers, but instead works on the 1700/2100 network. This means that the Canadian market is still stuck in some weird infancy. I am disappointed that I still can't buy an Android phone at any mobile provider in Canada, and that it's still like the ill-fated openmoko up here.