PhoneGap Android - Looking for Contributors

Today is a pretty huge day for PhoneGap. We released the Simualtor and the Android version of the PhoneGap demo. However, we need your help.

PhoneGap is an Open Source Project. This week, we have been working to put parts of the HTML 5 spec onto the Android version of PhoneGap, and we have currently implemented the following:

  • Geolocation - Currently supports Latitude and Longitude
  • Accelerometer - Gets the X, Y and Z variables from the Accelerometers
  • Notification - Plays the Notification Sound and Vibrates

We are hoping to do more with the device, and to help get it up to speed, we are looking for more contributors. This week, we will be merging these changes back into the Android branch, and we will be pushing this code back up to the blessed repository. If you are interested in contributing to PhoneGap, please contact us.