PhoneGap, now for Android

Recently, I've been looking at PhoneGap. However, unlike most people at Nitobi, I am using a PC. However, I spend most of my time running Ubuntu Hardy Heron on my dual-boot system. This means that unless I wanted to jailbreak a phone, there's really no way that I could do iPhone Development. However, the other day I decided to start taking a look at the Android SDK when the G1 was announced. It'll be a while since we'll get any Android phones in Canada (for more info, read this), it'll be good for the rest of the planet to have the ability to write once and run anywhere. Sort of like what Dave said.

One thing that is interesting is that Google embraced the idea of using HTML and Javascript inside of their apps and they have their own demo apps that use this. This definitely made it a lot easier to write the app:

Of course, I'm currently relying on the Emulator and the Eclipse plugins to test this, which is different from the real world, however if someone wants to help make the world of Javascript-based Mobile Applications better, it would be great if we had a real device of some sort that we could use for this. ;)

This also hasn't been merged into the official repo yet, and currently lives on my GitHub: It's been a while since I've hacked on Java, so the code is probably cruftier than it needs to be. It'd be interesting to see where this platform goes.