The Pitfalls of Ultrasphinx and Ultraminx

Recently, we had a Merb project that we needed to add search to. Now, since Merb doesn't use plugins the same way Ruby does, I decided to look for a nice easy gem to make life easier. At the time, I found ultraminx. Ultraminx was basically ultrasphinx made into a gem with no docs. Things were good, except that it broke when I decided to upgrade to the latest version of Merb.

The problem that I found is that when we did the upgrade, Ultraminx refused to work. In fact, I was rather disturbed that the repository hasn't been touched in a while. Therefore, I decided to look at Ultrasphinx again. I found that on GitHub that it was forked numerous times by different developers, and I eventually used Jamie's code. However, I had to hack it as well.

Straight from the github

However, even that is rather old. I'm tempted to do what 10 other people have done before me and fork the ultrasphinx code and to see what happens when I pull from these other repos. Of course, I haven't taken the plunge and used DataMapper or Sequel yet, so I'm going to wait until MerbCamp to see what happens when I hack on this.

Yes, I said I'm going to MerbCamp.