Dog On Rails at Open Web Vancouver

So, my talk submission made the cut. I will be presenting a talk about FreeTheNet at Open Web Vancouver. Basically this will be a talk that compares what is out there. Hopefully I can beef up DogOnRails and clean up the code significantly before I talk about it. Currently, there's a lot of messy hacks here and there to get the app working, and I'm going to need to do a lot of cleanup before I can get the thing presentation worthy.

Unlike the talk at RubyCampVancouver, where I talked about where things went wrong with DogOnRails, I figured that I should use this as an opportunity to show real world industrial uses of web applications and dashboard visualization, which is exactly what DogOnRails is.

Whenever we think of Dashboard Apps, we usually think of things that show visualization of data on a Web Application. How many tracks were downloaded, how many hits, how many people have visited the site, etc, etc. However, this is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dashboards and visualization. There are many more apps that need good centralized mangement and visualization, and a web management application can be exactly what you need. Currently most of these apps were done in the 90s and don't work very well. Nobody really talks about how I can connect my toaster to the web, except for hobbyists, but I think that it's going to happen again.