Announcing FreeTheNet Hack Night at FreeGeek Vancouver

From the email:

Come one, come all to the DIY Homebrew Event of the Year:

FreeTheNet and FreeGeek Vancouver present...

Wireless Router Hack Night
Time: 6:30 PM until 9:30 PM
Date: December 1, 2007
117 East 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC

This is for people who want to learn more about how to hack Embedded Linux hardware. They've heard about all the WRT54G hacking for years, but either have bricked their routers, or have just not bothered to try to get them going. This is also being used by FreeTheNet to do some recruiting for Hardware Hackers for many of the plans that we have coming up.

So, if you have an item that is on the Table of Hardware with the status of Supported, Untested, WiP or Kamikaze, please take it down and we'll take a look at it. We're also looking for 3.3V TTL to RS232 or 3.3V TTL to USB converters so we can get Serial Ports on certain devices (such as Fon Routers), so if you have some you wish to lend, or know of a good source for them, please let me know ASAP.

Recommended Hardware are as Follows:

  • Meraki Mini (if you have any spares)
  • FON (Units that haven't been on the Internet yet are preferred)
  • Netgear WGT634U
  • Linksys WRT54G (v1-v4), WRT54GL
  • WRAP/Sokeris Boards

So, back to what's going on. Yes, I am going to host a hack night for various routers at FreeGeek. I have no idea if anyone is going to come to the hack night, but since Vancouver goes through cycles of activity when it comes to embedded stuff, I think it's time for another big hack thing. The cool thing about this is that the embedded stuff can run WifiDog and then we can demo DogOnRails. I'm hoping that once I get the firmware done and released, with a modified version of the WifiDog Client, and with DogOnRails, that we will be able to replace the Meraki Stock firmware in the new year and have an almost Free Software based system from Management Server to Access Point.

Next, I'm going to see about getting a screencast of Vlad when we deploy DogOnRails on the live server. I'm going to use that instead of the "Anonymous Rails App" that I've been working on as of late.