Gutsy Gibbon, Toronto, Wireless and Ajax!

I realized that I haven't actually blogged on my Nitobi blog in quite a while, and it's not because I don't have a lot to blog about. Here's everything that's gone down in the last few weeks:

  • DogOnRails got voted the best hack at Nitobi Hack Day! It takes two of my favourite things, embedded gadgets (especially those that run Linux) and RIA and smashes them together.
  • I'm now down to one laptop at work! I'm going to blog more about Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon on the Dell Latitude D630, but I have top give props to URandR, it saved me a lot of time getting dual monitor mode setup, as well as using VMWare Server for IE Browser testing
  • I'm going to Toronto to attend the CWIRP conference on behalf of FreeTheNet! It'll be interesting to see what other people are doing.
  • I'm now a fan of Vlad the Deployer! Vlad really is the way to get deployments done. Once I get it to ignore apache altogether for nginx deployments, I'll post my experiences on here!

Perhaps when things slow down more, I can get into more detail, but for now that's a sample of what's going on! It's craziness!